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The Golf Course and History of Kanturk
Kanturk Country Retreat has a maintained five-hole golf course. This course was originally an 18-hole, largely sandy course that extended over the properties to the south and east of Kanturk. The property was originally owned by a wool buyer who loved his golf. Locals, including my family, remember playing on this course at that time. It was shared by a herd of kangaroos that were also held in a pen on the property.

A bush fire went through the property in the mid 60s and the original Victoria two-storey house was burnt down. The main house was then built. Two blocks were then subdivided off and the course was reduced to four greens and five holes.

The property was sold in 1975 to another golfing enthusiast, who channeled his spare time into studying turf management and turned the course into a green course. The number of greens were reduced to three, and the course was planted with bent grass greens and tees and Bermuda couch fairways.

The swimming pool and tennis court (along with the golf course) have been the sight of much entertaining at Kanturk over the years. Visit the property and you will see why.

The croquet lawn is also used as a putting green.